Improve Threat Visibility and Management  

One of the core services offered by the OneStone service is 24×7 monitoring and management of internal and external threats to your organization’s network environment. Using Seccuris’ advanced correlation and threat reporting engine, the OneStone service is able to detect: anomalous behavior patterns, threats and attacks creating data loss, privacy and compliance breaches, service outages, and other business impacts on critical business applications, operating systems and network-based devices (e.g. routers, firewalls).

When a threat is detected, the OneStone service immediately alerts key personnel in your organization of the event, both by e-mail and via the OneStone dashboard. Your information security team can effectively manage all threat events within your network, using OneStone’s comprehensive services, including:

  • Dashboards displaying detected and prioritized threat events
  • Detailed threat summaries and query tools to provide quick access to data on threat events and support “deep dive” investigations
  • Built-in incident handling workflow to initiate, escalate and manage tickets to remediate threat events
  • Immediate access to Seccuris Information Security Analysts and Forensics services for expert assistance in re-mediating threats
  • On-demand detailed management reports to demonstrate security control and compliance
  • Ongoing threat correlator development to improve threat detection based on your requirements
  • Knowledge Centre – best practice support, backed by expert information security analysts, to optimize use of OneStone service

OneStone Threat Management Benefits

  • Improved threat protection—Enables 24×7 visibility and facilitates effective incident response to external and internal threats
  • Enhanced detection of potential security threats and data loss—Provides leading edge Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology delivering enhanced analytics of event data to ensure complete, accurate detection of potential security threats and data loss
  • Custom correlation—Optimizes performance in your environment and minimizes erroneous threats (false positives) using correlators developed by our security experts
  • Comprehensive reporting—Provides an aggregated and overall view of all security events and incidents, service delivery, and performance metrics
  • Access to highly skilled information security Managed Security Services professionals—Provides experienced, skilled, and certified Security Analysts to advise, consult, and assist in re-mediating incidents
  • Cost savings—Reduces costs (staffing, training, maintenance, and infrastructure) associated with securing information assets
  • Facilitates compliance—Demonstrates effectiveness of security controls, such as log monitoring and intrusion prevention, to comply with various industry regulations
  • Enhanced security posture—Ensures proactive risk management and improves an organization’s overall security posture by gaining a deeper knowledge of potential problems allowing senior leadership to make decisions faster and more effectively

Download the Threat Management brochure.

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