OneStone is a cloud-based information security service that provides organizations 24×7 visibility into security issues and risks across the enterprise. Utilizing Seccuris’ advanced security information and event management technology and a software-as-service business model, OneStone enables customers to select various information security monitoring, vulnerability & threat assessment, and asset management services on demand.

Threat Management

OneStone Threat Management service provides 24×7 monitoring and management of internal and external threats to an organization’s network environment.  Once a threat event, data loss or malicious activity is identified and validated, the OneStone Threat Management service delivers an alert and escalates the potential threat via the portal and e-mail —enabling corrective action to be taken. Tailored event correlation, backed by Seccuris’ expert analysts, and integrated, automated incident handling workflow adapt to any organizations’ threat management requirements and processes.

Vulnerability Management

OneStone Vulnerability Management service provides on-demand scanning and assessment of the technical and environmental vulnerabilities in an organization’s computing infrastructure. Detailed dashboard screens and available reports identify, quantify, and prioritize the information security strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s computing environment and provide a plan-of-action to mitigate the risk of serious consequences

Asset Classification and Tracking

OneStone Asset Classification and Tracking service tightly couples organizational assets with threat and vulnerability data, enabling business risk to be more effectively measured. Information assets are identified and classified based on business criticality, function, and importance, allowing calculation of related threats and vulnerabilities to present a complete risk picture. Customers can generate reports dynamically for compliance, performance, and assurance issues via the OneStone interface. Knowing the value of your asset that is being threatened can help prioritize the alert and remediation activities.

Log Management

OneStone Log Management service extends the threat management capabilities by providing vital referential data via access to historical log information that has been collected and processed by OneStone.

Stay tuned for the Summer 2014 release of Business Threat and Risk Assessment.