Business Opportunity

Value of a Partnership with Seccuris

Partnering with Seccuris provides an opportunity to differentiate your managed, network or solution service offerings and grow your business with cloud-based high demand information security services.

We work with our partners, through OneStone service offering, to provide your customers 24×7 visibility into security issues and risks across the enterprise at the level of service they require; and, at the depth of support they prefer when the risk a breach or data loss occurs.  OneStone provides a unique risk-based performance management system that fulfills executive, management and technical audience requirements.

Business Benefits to partnering with Seccuris include:

Telcos and Managed Service Providers

  • Add valued, high-growth services to traditional core managed services
    • Quick time to market on new service offerings in a highly specialized field
    • Address customers’ information security and compliance concerns
    • Information security services help balance margin pressure in traditional network service business
    • Provides a key differentiator—enhances credibility and helps sell other very profitable services—particularly to large enterprise clients

IT Resellers

  • Transform product sales into a managed security service offering
  • Address customers information security and compliance concerns
  • Increase value of security product sales; achieve larger average deal size
  • Become more of a solution provider

Other Reasons to Partner with Seccuris

  • Buy vs. build – We have the expertise, facilities, personnel and programs – enables you to stay focused on your core business while offering world-class information security solutions from the cloud.
  • Quick time-to-market – OneStone can be added quickly to your service line with limited initial costs and no requirements for specialized information security skills or facilities.
    • Value-added information assurance consulting services
    • PCI; Security Program Design, Audit/Advisory and Architecture; and Information Security Training